Index in Angular Chart component

15 Mar 20232 minutes to read

The Angular Chart control is used to visualize the data with user interactivity and provides customizing options to configure the data visually.
It can bind data from datasource such as array of JSON objects, OData web services or DataManager.
All chart elements are rendered using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Key Features

  • Chart Types - Supports 25 interactive chart types starting from line to financial chart.
  • Data sources - Bind the Chart component with an array of JSON objects or DataManager.
  • Axis Types - Supports multiple axes, and able to plot data with different data types such as numbers, datetime, logarithmic and string.
  • Multiple Pane - Provides the options to split the chart area into multiple pane.
  • Multilevel Labels - Organizes or groups data points in the chart based on different categories.
  • Axis Crossing - Provides the option to moves the origin of axis to any point within the chart area.
  • Smart Labels - Avoids overlapping of axis labels by trimming, wrapping, rotating, hiding, or placing them on multiple rows.
  • Stripline - Provides options to highlight and annotate any region in chart.
  • DataLabel - Datalabel annotates data points with label to improve the readability of data.
  • Technical Indicators - Indicators allows to analyse the past and predict the future market trends based on historic price, volume, or open interest.
  • Trendlines - Predicts the future trends with predetermined data for any measurements.
  • Error Bars - Provides options to handle any error or uncertainty in the measurements.
  • Empty Points - Provides options to handle missed data for the series elegantly with empty points.
  • Annotation - Provides support to mark any specific area of interest by adding custom element.
  • Vertical Chart - Provides options to invert the chart.
  • Zooming - Provides options to visualize the data points under any region using rectangular selection, pinch, or mouse wheel zooming.
  • Crosshair & Trackball - Provides options to track data points closer to the mouse position or touch action.
  • Selection - Allows you to select any data point or subset of points using selection feature.
  • Export - Provides the options to Export the chart to PDF, SVG and CSV formats.
  • RTL support - Provides a full-fledged right-to-left mode which aligns axis in the chart control from right to left.