Update Syncfusion npm package

4 Apr 20231 minute to read

The latest Syncfusion npm package can be updated with the help of npm-check-updates package.

  1. You can install the npm-check-update package globally to use this as CLI.

     npm install -g npm-check-updates
     ncu -u -f /^@syncfusion/

    This will update the package.json file to latest version for all @syncfusion packages.

  2. Now, run the following commands to update the packages in node_modules and remove the duplicate package which is already installed.

     npm update
     npm dedupe

Updating a specific npm package

Run the following commands from the command prompt in the application root to update a specific npm package in node_modules and remove the installed duplicate package.

    npm update @syncfusion/ej2-grids
    npm update @syncfusion/ej2-angular-grids
    npm dedupe