Index in Angular Dialog component

4 Apr 20231 minute to read

The Dialog is a window that displays information to the user, and used to get the user input.

There are two types of Dialog:

  • Modal - The user should be working with Dialog before interacting with the parent application.
  • Modeless - It allows to interact with parent application even the Dialog opened on the page.

Key Features

  • Modal: - Prevents the interaction to the parent application.

  • Buttons: - Provided the built-in support to render the buttons at Dialog footer.

  • Templates: - Customizable Dialog header and footer through the

  • Draggable: - Supports to drag the Dialog within the page or container.

  • Positioning: - Provided support to
    position on built-in 9 places or any custom location.

  • Animation: - Provided built-in animation support on open & close the Dialog with customization.

  • Localization: - Supports to localize the default close icon title text to different cultures.

  • Accessibility: - Built-in compliance with the WAI-ARIA specifications.

  • Keyboard Interaction: - The Dialog can be intractable through keyboard.