Index in Angular List box component

4 Apr 20231 minute to read

The ListBox component displays a list of items from which the user can select one or more items. The other supported features are data binding, drag and drop, grouping, sorting and templating.

Key features

  • Data binding - Allows binding and accessing the list of items from local or remote data source.

  • Grouping - Supports grouping of logically related items under a single or specific category.

  • Templates - Allows to customize each list of items contained in the list box.

  • Sorting - Supports sorting of list items in an alphabetical order (either ascending or descending).

  • Drag and drop - Allows to drag and drop within the list box or between the two list boxes.

  • Accessibility - Provided with built-in accessibility support that helps to access all the DropDownList component features through the keyboard, screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.