8 Apr 20221 minute to read

The Document Editor component is used to create, edit, view, and print Word documents in web applications. All the user interactions and editing operations that run purely in the client-side provides much faster editing experience to the users.

Key Features

  • Opens the native Syncfusion Document Text (*.sfdt) format documents in the client-side.
  • Saves the documents in the client-side as Syncfusion Document Text (*.sfdt) and Word document (*.docx).
  • Supports document elements like text, image, table, fields, bookmark,shapes, section, header and footer.
  • Supports the commonly used fields like hyperlink, page number, page count, and table of contents.
  • Supports formats like text, paragraph, bullets and numbering, table, page settings, etc.
  • Provides support to create, edit, and apply paragraph and character styles.
  • Provides support to find and replace text within the document.
  • Supports all the common editing and formatting operations along with undo and redo.
  • Provides support to cut, copy, and paste rich text contents within the component. Also allows pasting simple text to and from other applications.
  • Provides support to insert, and edit form fields.
  • Provides support to insert, and edit comments.
  • Provides support to track the inserted and deleted content.
  • Provides support to perform spell checking for any input text.
  • Allows user interactions like zoom, scroll, select contents through touch, mouse, and keyboard.
  • Provides intuitive UI options like context menu, dialogs, and navigation pane.
  • Localizes all the static text to any desired language.
  • Allows to create a lightweight Word viewer using module injection to view and prints Word documents.
  • Provides a server-side helper library to open the Word documents like DOCX, DOC, WordML, RTF, and Text, by converting it to SFDT file format.

Supported Web platforms