Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

October 31, 2018


New Features

  • Provided support to set the dialog position value as combination of string and number.


Bug Fixes

  • Issue with using the space as “promptChar” in Masked TextBox has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • Issue with triggering unwanted “focusout” and “change” events has been fixed.

Pivot Grid

Bug Fixes

  • 216411 - Values are display properly while using format settings in the control.


New Features

  • Support to drag and drop an item from external source into scheduler and vice versa has been provided.
  • In mobile devices, drag and drop support has been enabled by tap holding and moving the appointments over the time slots.
  • Auto navigation option from current scheduler view to previous or next date range has been provided, while dragging an appointment to the left or right extremities of the view port.
  • Scrolling action has been improved to enable smooth scrolling, while dragging an appointment to any of the view port extremities.


New Features

  • Provided an option to prevent the tree node from auto checking when checked state of the parent or child tree node is modified.
  • Provided support to use hierarchical data as remote data source of the TreeView component by using offline mode of data manager plugin.