Index in EJ2 JavaScript In place editor control

19 Apr 20231 minute to read

The In-place Editor control is used to edit and update the input value dynamically to the server. It supports integrating many control types such as “DropDownList”, ”DatePicker”, ”AutoComplete”, etc.

  • Render mode: Provides two types of rendering modes when editing the input, namely “Inline” and “Popup”.
  • Control integration: Support to integrate controls such as “DropDownList”, “DatePicker”, ” AutoComplete”, etc., to the In-place Editor.
  • Data binding: Bind the In-place Editor control with an array of JSON objects or DataManager to save the edited data to the server.
  • Customization: Offers UI customization such as popup, buttons, and also denotes an editable content state.
  • Template: Templates can be used to integrate custom controls to the In-place Editor.
  • Globalization: Provides right-to-left and localization support.