Index in EJ2 JavaScript Kanban control

18 Apr 20231 minute to read

The Kanban board visually depicts work at various stages of a process using columns, cards, and swimlane. Some of the key features of the Kanban control are:

  • Drag-and-drop - Provided smooth drag-and-drop support to cards to flow various stages of Kanban.
  • Data Binding - Bind the Kanban component with an array of JSON objects or DataManager, which supports OData and remote web service binding.
  • Swimlane – Supports Swimlane to group the cards based on specified key.
  • Template - Provided templating option to render card, column header, swimlane header, and tooltip.
  • Stacked Headers - Grouped the related headers with the common header.
  • Responsive - The layout of Kanban is designed to adapt with desktop and mobile devices.
  • WIP - Provided option to validate min and max count of cards based on swimlane or column.
  • Tooltip - Users can show or hide the card information in tooltip with template.
  • Selection - Users can select single or multiple cards using mouse, touch, or keyboard.
  • Built-in themes - Supports five built-in themes such as Material, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Fabric, and High Contrast. Also, you can customize the themes.