Index in EJ2 JavaScript Toast control

10 May 20231 minute to read

The toast is a small container, in which user can show a single or multiple informative lines with actions.

Key features

  1. Position: Enables to position the toast anywhere on the screen. It has a predefined set of positions and custom inputs for position based on the target.

  2. Autohide and TimeOut: Toast can be expired based on the timeOut property; it hides toast automatically when reaches specific time without user interaction.

  3. Multi Toast: Toasts can support to display multiple toasts with various time delay.

  4. Progress Bar: Supports to visually indicate time lapse when the toast expires.

  5. Action Buttons: Supports to add buttons in the toast for archiving any actions within the toast.

  6. Template: User customized element can be defined for the toast using the template property.