Index in React Data component

18 Jan 20231 minute to read

@syncfusion/ej2-data is a data management package to perform data operations in client application. It will act as an abstraction for using local data source - array of JavaScript objects and remote data source - web services returning JSON, JSONP, oData or XML.

Key Features

  • DataManager - Communicates with data source and returns the desired result based on the Query provided.
  • Query – DataManager have APIs for generating JavaScript data query with ease.
  • CRUD in individual requests and Batch – CRUD operations are fully supported. The options are enabled to commit the data as a single or multiple requests.
  • Adaptors – Adaptors are specific dataSource type interfaces that are used by DataManager to communicate with DataSource. DataManager have three in-built adaptors. They are, ODataAdaptor, JsonAdaptor and UrlAdaptor.
  • Calculate and maintain aggregates, sorting order and paging.