Index in React Pivotview component

30 Jan 20231 minute to read

The Pivot Table component is an easily configurable and presentation-quality business control. It allows to create multi-dimensional views using pivot data source for analyzing and satisfying the needs of business user.

Key Features

  • Data Sources - Binds the component with an array of JavaScript objects.
  • Filtering - Allows user to view only specific/desired records in the component.
  • Sorting - Both member and value sorting are supported. It’s allows user to order fields and values (column) either in ascending or descending order respectively.
  • Field List & Grouping Bar - Supports UI interaction at runtime to dynamically change the report along with sorting, filtering and remove options.
  • Aggregation - Provides built in aggregation types like sum, average, min, max and count.
  • Calculated Field - Users can add new value field(s) to the report dynamically using this option.
  • Adaptive Rendering - Adapts with optimal user interfaces for mobile and desktop form-factors, thus helping the user’s application to scale elegantly across all the form-factors without any additional effort.
  • Exporting - Provides the option to exporting records to Excel, CSV and PDF formats.