Index in Vue Numerictextbox component

28 Mar 20231 minute to read

The NumericTextBox is used to get the number inputs from the user. The input values can be incremented
or decremented by a predefined step value.

Key features

  • Range Validation: - allows to set the minimum and maximum range of values in the NumericTextBox.

  • Number Formats: - supports the number display formatting with MSDN standard and custom number formats.

  • Precision Of Numbers: - allows to restrict the number precision when enters the value.

  • Keyboard Interaction: - allows users to interact with the NumericTextBox using the keyboard.

  • Accessibility: - provides built-in accessibility support which helps to access all the NumericTextBox component features through keyboard, on-screen readers or other assistive technology devices.

  • Globalization: - library provides support for formatting and parsing number using the official Unicode CLDR JSON data.

  • Localization: - Supports to localize spin up and down buttons title for the tooltip to different cultures.